There are countless places to invest your money - and it’s not always easy to determine the right choice. With a proven investment strategy and a stable, diversified portfolio, we offer a powerful combination of income plus growth. Our track record speaks for itself, but it’s our unique asset acquisition strategy that sets us apart:
Our Investment Strategy

Overlay portfolio risk management guidelines to ensure diversification by tenant, industry, lease term, and geography.

Our Market
The US industrial market is a large, attractive market providing us with extensive opportunities for accretive growth.
  • The industrial market in the United States is a large (est. $1 trillion)(2) and fragmented market that offers sustainable acquisition opportunities throughout all economic cycles. STAG estimates its target market (single-tenant, industrial properties anticipated to meet our investment criteria) to be $250+ billion.
  • Industrial property ownership is extraordinarily fragmented with the largest owner controlling less than 3%. Ownership in our target asset class tends to be local or regional, non-institutional owners.
  • Our strategy is further aided by industrial trends, such as the on-shoring of manufacturing, shortening/fattening of supply chains and the growth in e-commerce and the related shifting of product from retail stores into warehouses.

Our Platform 
  • Founded in 2003 to focus solely on our target asset class.
  • Experienced team of 70+ professionals has acquired $2 billion of our target assets since IPO.
  • Asset profile and platform architecture allows us to scale our business efficiently.

Our Performance(3) 
  • 185% total return since IPO in 2011.
  • Acquired over $2 billion of target properties since IPO, containing approximately 56 million square feet representing asset growth of 386%.
  • Dividend yield of 5.6% paid monthly – compounded annual dividend growth of 5% since IPO.
(1) Source: CBRE: EA Industrial Outlook
(2) Based on STAG management’s estimates using publicly available data on industrial square footage in the United States and an assumed value per square foot. 
(3) The above facts and figures have been updated as of quarter ended 3/31/2017


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